Posted by: wildsidezambia | September 17, 2013

….and the winner is!!!!!!!!

Earlier this year we offered on the FB page ‘ I love Zambia’ a 2 night stay at Kayube Estate for the 1000 person to ‘like’ ‘I love Zambia’


We reached 1000 sometime in August – The winner Hector Guerra from Mexico  – Hector is now enjoying Livingstone together with Amelie Sayer from Switzerland. They added an extra 2 nights to their stay.

Arriving from Lusaka on Sunday, where the two of them had attended a week long Disarmament Conference and had to work very hard on these serious issues. Amelie said that approx 100 countries were represented in Lusaka, the majority of the delegates being government officials from foreign- and defence ministries as well as ambassadors. Only a smaller group of approx 50  of the 250 participants were like themselves from NGO’s

It seems to be difficult for the couple to pull themselves away from Kayube to experience the thrills of Livingstone and The Victoria Falls.


Amelie and Hector could not believe their luck when they spotted 18 elephants across the river, the first morning while lazing around the pool. In the late afternoon during their sundowner drink a herd of 70 buffalo came to the Zambezi to graze and drink. In between there were baboons, warthog and some other wildlife, with hippo’s cooling down in the water most of the day.

At 6 am this morning they were on the way to ride an elephant at Mukuni Big 5 which they thoroughly enjoyed. After a breakfast in town and some shopping at the crafts market in Mukuni Park, they just wanted to go back to Kayube to go it slow on the Zambezi


Tomorrow a visit to Livingstone Island with a swim in the Devil’s pool in the middle of the Victoria Falls is on their wish list, again first thing in the morning.

In the afternoon a cruise on The Zambezi from their own doorstep at Kayube.

They are such happy winners and we just love having them around!!


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