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Kayube Estate’s links to Out of Africa

Kayube Estate could be described as a Zambian version of ‘A Farm in Africa’, made famous in the film Out of Africa.

Countess Corinna von Blücher fell in love with this part of Zambia and bought Kayube Estates in 1992. She now shares this amazing place as well as part of her own residence with guests who love nature, wildlife and the romance of the Zambezi as much as she does. Countess Von Blücher divides her time between Zambia and her Bavarian Mountain Lodge.

Countess Corinna von Blücher with Karien

Countess Corinna von Blücher with Karien

Kayube River House, Countess von Blücher’s home here, was originally built as a house on stilts within meters of the Zambezi River. Once she was satisfied, after several years, that it remained far enough from the water even during floods, she built the downstairs area, which is now rented out to guests.

Kayube River House was built in two stages

Kayube River House was built in two stages

The working part of the farm has several fruit trees (lemons, orange trees) as well as cattle on the inland part of the farm. Kayube Farm provides work for seven Zambians and they live on the farm with their families.

The farm is also an important resting place for the ancestors of the Royal Chundu Establishment and every year In November a ceremony is held to call upon the ancestors for good rains and good harvest during the Lliwindi Ceremony.

Situated just upriver from the house on the same farm is the Mama Out of Africa that also has a remarkable history. The old-shaped bus, now retired under a huge sloping thatch roof has been converted into accommodation for 2-4 with an outside bathroom, seating area and game viewing platform. The bus was driven down from Munich in Germany in the early eighties by Peter Kermer, a trip that took for months to East Africa. Since then it has travelled many miles all over Africa and became known as the ‘Okavango Mama’.

Mama Out Of Africa

Mama Out Of Africa

Her claim to fame is that she once served as the dressing room on the set of the famous movie ‘Out of Africa’ – hence her current name, Mama Out of Africa.

These unique self-catering options are ideal as holiday rentals for a week or more, but can also be rented for a minimum of two nights.

Three new river-facing cottages are being built as we speak. All the accommodation options are directly situated on the banks of the Zambezi and are totally private, hidden away amongst huge Jackalberry, Waterberry, Camelthorn and Winterthorn trees. Hence the name Kayube which means ‘hide-away’

The location, 18 km upstream from The Victoria Falls and 25 km from Livingstone, is stunning and romantic. Transport to and from town as well as to nearby Chobe can be arranged.

Wildlife can be heard and spotted right across the river in The Zambezi National Park. There are fantastic birding opportunities, day and night and the haunting cry of the fish eagle is often heard.

A river-boat is available for cruises, bird and game viewing as well as fishing.

Sunset over the 12-seater safari boat, the 'African Finfoot'

Sunset over the 12-seater safari boat, the ‘African Finfoot’

A new ‘croc pool’, a wire-caged swimming pool in the river, will be installed in the summer months.

Kayube Estates is managed by Karien and Peter Kermer.

If you wish to experience your little bit of Out of Africa, click here for more information.



  1. I only can confirm that the Kayube Estate is a absolutely wonderfull Place. Since 3 Years I take this Place as my Head Quarter before I start travelling in other countries,Zimbabwe,Botswana,Namibia or in Zambia.Allways when I arrive in the Kayube Estate I feel at Home.

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