Posted by: wildsidezambia | April 17, 2013

Suni doing well

The fate of the feisty little elephant, Suni, remains very close to our hearts (we reported on her in July 2012) and we are happy to hear that she is doing well!

Suni, now 18 months old, has walked a long road towards recovery following an axe attack a year ago this month. She is surrounded by a team of carers that are constantly amazed at her resillience and her spirit.

Suni and her best friend 'Bezi'

Suni and her best friend ‘Bezi’

With Suni as inspiration, Andrew White, education advisor for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation will be cycling through Zambia along with two cousins, in aid of the Elephant Orphanage Project, part of Game Rangers International and supported by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

“Suni represents everything that is amazing about an elephant and at the same time why we must do something right now to stop the cruel and senseless act of poaching”, says Andrew.

Suni has now been fitted with an especially designed boot to support her damaged leg. Andrew recounts: “Every brace that was applied to support her leg fell apart, often within minutes. However in flew Mark and Dan from Norway and USA and with help Nigel Goodman created an elephant boot! Their first visit was a frantic week of designing; manufacturing and fitting a unique leg support made of aluminium, PVC and leather, with various strappings and looking like an elephant snow board! The excitement and emotion from all involved when Suni finally walked normally for the first time in her brand new Elephant Boot was huge.

Suni and her fancy new boot (photos Andrew White)

Suni and her fancy new boot (photos Andrew White)

“The improvements were rapid and for a few weeks there was no stopping Suni, as she charged about the bush with her elephant friends, but her increased activity and vigour was too much for her boot, and wear and tear took its toll and she snapped it across the sole, leaving her bootless over Christmas… However thanks to the generosity of Suni’s supporters, the boot team returned with an even better boot that continues to see Suni bound around Lilayi like every young elephant should, full of verve and energy, a year on from her attack. She still needs constant care but thanks to her efforts and that of the all the people involved in her rehabilitation she has a chance.”

If you would like to know more about the work of Game Rangers International, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation or Andrew’s cycle ride please explore the following Internet links:

We at Wild Side Tours & Safaris are right behind Andrew White’s cycle ride, which takes place in August.


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