Posted by: wildsidezambia | January 9, 2013

Uganda’s former Vice President enjoys Livingstone

Wildside Tours was approached by the Kazibwe family wanting to spend a few days in a quiet spot in Livingstone along the Zambezi, with their extended family of 14 from Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and Germany.

Among them was the former Vice President of Uganda, Speciosa Wandira Kazibwe.  “We all met in Lusaka for the Christmas holidays but couldn’t miss out on the Livingstone fun even if we had little time!”, said daughter Caroline Nansubuga who is based in Nairobi.

Their first choice was Kayube Zambezi River House but as that was fully booked Karien booked the family into the newly opened Camp Nkwazi, just upstream  from Kayube.

“Our Livingstone stay lasted two nights and was packed with action”, says Caroline. “The combo offer by the bungee company was very much loved by the boys in the group who all went for the slide, swing and bungee jump. Others went for the slide, including my courageous mom who enjoyed it very much and regretted not having gone for the swing at the end of the day as well! She has promised to be back soon with her friends to do the swing she says!

Speciosa Wandira Kazibwe & fam Dec 2012

Former Uganda Vice President Speciosa Wandira Kazibwe with her two sons Henry (right) and Julian (left). She is holding her granddaughter Kevina

 “Nothing much phases my Mom!

“The Victoria Falls were amazing. A very welcome refreshment on a hot day! We would have loved to stay longer”, says Caroline.

The Kazibwe family loved their stay at Nkwazi, thanks to Paul Oosthuizen and his family who own and manage the camp. “The boat cruise on the Zambezi was excellent, despite it being a bit cold. Paul knew a lot about the fauna found in the area. We really felt at home.


Recently opened Camp Nkwazi on the Zambezi, half an hour outside Livingstone

“We highly recommend Nkwazi and Livingstone. Thanks to Karien for helping us with finding this lovely place to stay”, Caroline concludes.

For more information on the new Camp Nkwazi click here

For other swing and bungee jump stories click here (Judith, with video) and here (former minister Given Lubinda).


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