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Need a bit of romance?

The Zambezi’s most romantic river lodges

The Zambezi is one of Africa’s most famous rivers, the fourth largest river system, after the Nile, Zaire and NigerRivers. The 3,540-kilometre-long river runs through six countries on its journey from central Africa to the Indian Ocean. It has its source in Mwinilunga in NW Zambia.

It’s most spectacular attraction is the Victoria Falls at Livingstone, where the water drops 400m into the Batoka Gorge down below.

The Zambezi is also known to be wildly romantic and Zambia is the only country along its banks that offers many different types of  accommodation – literally within feet of the river. In the Livingstone area alone there are at least 14 river lodges to choose from.

A beautiful room at Kubu Cabins

These are the top romantic spots:

 Tongabezi Lodge & Sindabezi Island

Livingstone’s original luxury lodge, Tongabezi Lodge is said to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world

 The River Club

The view over the pool from The River Club

Reminiscent of colonial times, The River Club has ten luxury thatched suites in a beautiful spot right on the river.  

 Thorntree River Lodge

Thorntree River Lodge is unpretentious and cosy, lovely and affordable.

 The Islands of Siankaba

Try the island life on the Islands of Siankaba with seven unique chalets all facing the river, near Chobe National Park.

 Natural Mystic Lodge

Set in a beautiful gardens, Natural Mystic Lodge is also close to the activities and attractions of Livingstone and Victoria Falls

 Chundukwa River Lodge

25 km upstream from Victoria Falls, the open-fronted chalets at Chundukwa River Lodge have stunning views of the river.

 Waterberry Zambezi Lodge

Waterberry’s great location on the banks of the ZambeziRiver is just 30 minutes from Livingstone and Victoria Falls, yet in the heart of the bush.

Kayube Zambezi Riverhouse

Experience what it’s like to have your ‘own home’ on the Zambezi. Self catering, two bedrooms with a pool within a meter of the river and overlooking the ZambeziNational park on the other side of the river.

 Mama Out of Africa

Perfect for two, this quaint river abode is reminiscent of the famous Out of Africa movie…

An early morning peak over the Zambezi from the Mama Out of Africa

Kubu Cabins

About half an hours’ drive from town, self catering chalets nestle under shady trees along the banks of the river, facing the National Park.

 Ideal for families, conferences or groups:

The Zambezi Waterfront

At just 5 km from the majestic Victoria Falls the Zambezi Waterfront caters is family friendly and suitable for all ages.

 David Livingstone Safari Lodge & Spa

Situated close to all the action around Livingstone, the David Livingstone Safari Lodge has 77 rooms and is ideal for groups or bigger families.

Hotels with direct access to the Falls

The Royal Livingstone Hotel

Spoil yourselves at this beautiful property,excellently situated along the ZambeziRiver, within close proximity of Livingstone town and Victoria Falls.

 The Zambezi Sun Hotel

Moments away from the Zambezi River with the dramatic torrent of The Victoria Falls adjacent as a natural backdrop and situated within the MosiOTunya National Park.

For more information on the lodges go to or email


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