Posted by: wildsidezambia | October 31, 2012

Living in Africa…

Karien & Peter are very lucky in that they live on Kayube Estate, right on the Zambezi near the Mama Out Of Africa and Kayube River House. Kayube is about half an hour’s drive out of Livingstone, right opposite the Zambezi National Park.

Last night, while they were enjoying a warm, moonlit night on their stoep watching a herd of buffalo on the other side of the river, the lights suddenly went out. Peter went to investigate and found that elephants had pushed over a tree on to the powerline, cutting two of the three phases of electricity to the house. Only the garden lights outside were still working.

An elephant at Kayube (photo by Munene Kermer)

Peter then went to see whether the electricity had also gone down at the nearby Mama, and on approaching the cottage almost collided with a hippo grazing! The electricity was indeed cut there too so the Kermers had to settle down to a cold supper during a hot night, without the luxury of a cooling fan, and surrounded by several of Africa’s big animals!

They weren’t going to do without a cup of tea the next morning, so Karien boiled the kettle using the light socket in the garden. She then set off for work in town, only to find that the elephants had wreaked havoc with more trees, blocking her way down the sand road. Despite both their efforts and the car, the biggest tree could not be moved and after some serious bundu bashing she managed to get back on to the road. Several smaller trees blocked the road once again further up, and after removing them Karien finally managed to get on to the main road into town – and into work at Wild Side Tours.

“A small price to pay”, she says. “We are so priviledged to live in such a beautiful place like Kayube with the river and the wild animals around us”.

Kayube’s tranquil bench by the Zambezi River

Apparently, not long ago, a big bull elephant wandered up to the pool where the owner of Kayube Estate was enjoying a swim, and proceded to calmly eat the plants near the pool!

All part of living in Africa!

If you’d like a taste of living in Africa like the locals do, email for information on staying at the gorgeous bush hideaway Mama Out of Africa, or at Kayube River House.



  1. Oi vay I wish I was there! Thank you for making me dream & giggle. How does one ‘trip’ over a Hippo! – made me think that Peter must be as tall- and walk (&stalk) like Roald Dahl’s Big friendly giant : )

    • With great difficulty! Peter is tall, but not that tall! Have changed the wording slightly, thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Can’t wait to return to this wonderful place! Magical, even though we didn’t have such fun the nights we stayed there !!!

  3. Dann hattet ihr ja eine wirklich aufregende Nacht. Schade,da waere ich gern dabei gewesen. :-).

  4. What a beautiful photograph of this Elephant on the Kayube Estate! How we wish we could be there to experience some of the adventures you discribe on your site! We are still keeping the possibility of another holiday with you in mind!

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