Posted by: wildsidezambia | September 25, 2012

Zambia – Livingstone – a fabulous place for celebrations and special occasions !!!

Last month Wild Side Tours helped organize the 25th wedding anniversary for Maiken and Bjorn Kristoffersen from Norway. They came with 54 friends and family members to celebrate together on the banks of the Zambezi, their  favorite place. What an unforgettable party and stay it has been for the Norwegians.

Apart from the big party they joined a few of the many activities on offer in Livingstone: Lion and Cheetah walks, Bridge Tour and Bungi jump, Helicopter rides and a Safari to Chobe. No doubt we will see many of them back for more!!!


Last week on one of the morning trips to Livingstone Island, an elderly couple made it all the way through the rapids to ‘The Devil’s Pool’ for a swim on the edge of The Victoria Falls.. When they got back from the pool enjoying their breakfast in the lapa, one of the other guests mentioned how brave she thought the couple was at their age to jump in the pool. She confessed that they wanted their 44th wedding anniversary to be extra special and were convinced nothing in the world could have beaten this spectacular experience.

After this enchanting little story the young lady at the table nearby could not wait to tell of her Devil’s Pool experience. She and her companion had been travelling Africa for some time and had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa.

When they had made it to the ‘Devil’s Pool’ on Livingstone Island and were enjoying this very special place, the young lady said to her boyfriend ‘Isn’t this amazing’ whereupon he answered ‘it would be even more amazing if you would marry me’. He mentioned he had wanted to propose to her on the summit of Kilimanjaro but had then decided to wait until they had reached the Victoria Falls. He did not regret it. Hope they are back before their 44th wedding anniversary

Shane and Mark Hazell from Grahamstown, celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary, at Kayube Estate on the Zambezi River, staying at the Mama Out of Africa.  They had a huge herd of Elephant and Buffalo gatecrashing their very private and romantic party. Guess what, they did not mind the uninvited guests.

And yesterday our friends Sandy and  Patrick had gone to Sinasongwe at Lake Kariba to celebrate Sandy’s birthday. As they were enjoying their champagne breakfast, in walks David Lemon (see previous blog) Very tired and very thin, but still going!


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