Posted by: wildsidezambia | July 16, 2012

Suni finds a friend

Suni’s story is a heartbreaking one. But despite all odds the orphaned baby elephant has turned the corner and is doing fine! She was found alone hugging the Sun International fence in Livingstone some weeks ago, with severe wounds to her back where it appeared she had been severely beaten. She was rescued and taken to Camp Phoenix but was not expected to live with the damage to her spine.

Suni has since been receiving physiotherapy – and has found a new friend – Bezi – who is doing more than any human can do by restoring her soul.


Suni chose her own blanket

Little Suni has become quite the little madam and decided to choose her own blanket and after rummaging through the pile selected this little number! She’s obviously on the mend but still requires lots of veterinary care … please help her if you can by donating at

After two months of intensive care including physiotherapy and medical treatment Suni has regained feeling and the David Shepherd Foundation are happy to report that she is now walking on her injured leg.

“It really is a miracle,” says project manager, Rachael Murton. ” Suni is obviously made of tough stuff and showed us from the start that she was not going to give up easily … she maintained a fantastic appetite and has gone from strength to strength.”

Suni now spends most of her day with fellow orphan Bezi  walking and browsing and sleeping in the sun. “Suni has required constant nursing, medical support and milk feeds every 2.5 hours. Her rehabilitation continues to test the team but we are determined to do all we can for her,” adds Rachael.

(with thanks to the David Shepherd Foundation)


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