Posted by: wildsidezambia | July 12, 2012

David Lemon: still at it

Livingstone: In  April we wrote about the modern day explorer David Lemon who embarked on a mission to walk the length of the Zambezi right to where it flows into the Indian Ocean in Mozambique.

He started his walk at the end of April this year; got stuck on the Angolan border because the Angolans wouldn’t let him in; decided after a long wait to miss Angola and then headed towards Chavuma where the Zambezi re-entered Zambia. He is expected in Livingstone in a few weeks time.

Modern day explorer extraordinaire David Lemon

Following a request from Bron, a blog reader, we have been trying to find out what became of him as he is not the best communicator. Thanks to the Livingstone Weekly we got an update on his travels.

Finally, Claver Mutinta, one of Zambia’s Daily Mail journalists caught up with David in Senanga and posted a report on 1 July.

This, in typically short David Lemon style, is what he reportedly said:

 “I have lost a lot of weight. I cannot give you figures as there is no scale here but I have put three extra holes in my belt. Weight loss makes me light-headed at times but I am very fit. I have come across several snakes on my way but fortunately they run away the moment they see me. Otherwise, I am enjoying myself. The people have been wonderful and welcoming everywhere I went.”.

David is still intent on walking the whole length of the Zambezi River. Senanga is about half way between Mongu and Sioma. All being well he should be at Sioma by now, heading towards Livingstone.


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