Posted by: wildsidezambia | June 5, 2012

Walking with Lions

Abbie Leeraar visited Livingstone from the UK, and writes about her walk with lions at the Mukuni Big 5 reserve:

Being so close to them makes me respect and appreciate these amazing animals even more. One minute lovable pussycat sleeping in the sun, next minute, wide awake and alert hunter capable of killing with one swipe of those cute furry paws (which dont like to be tickled, in case you were fooled into thinking of doing so ) .  Walking along amiably next to you one minute, the next – 6ft up a tree with one leap – and  energy left to take swipes at a huge branch – and break it with one crunch of those very big teeth! The course fur on their backs, but soft and downy on their tummies – and they do like those tickled, by the way!

Abbie Leraar of Cirencester in the UK, gets up close and personal with lions

Had a wonderful stay in Livingstone, at the gorgeous ‘Mama out of Africa’ right on the Zambezi. Thanks to Karien and Peter for making our stay so unforgettable!”

These magnificent animals, one white and one brown of 14 months old, are part of a carefully monitored programme to re-introduce lions into areas where they used to occur in Zambia but where their numbers have dwindled by up to shocking 80%.

For more info on how to walk with the lions as well as cheetahs contact


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