Posted by: wildsidezambia | March 14, 2012

No plans for Easter?

Following a sad event in the family group who had booked the Kayube River House, they have had to cancel their Easter sojourn there.

So if you have not made any plans, but would like to escape for a few days over Easter to the banks of the Zambezi River, please log on to  and

Because of the late notice we will throw in an extra day, so you pay for three days, but stay for four.

Kayube River House, about 30 minutes outside Livingstone, is situated right on the Zambezi River opposite the Zambezi National Park.

The rates are:Kayube for four people 350-00 and for every extra person USD 25-00 per day.

The Mama Out of Africa, within walking distance of the house, is also available, at USD 100-00 for two and USD 15-00 for every extra person.

A safari boat is available for guided boat trips on the river.

Kayube Zambezi river House and Mama-out-of Africa


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