Posted by: wildsidezambia | January 26, 2012

Zambia’s tourism minister bungee jumps

Livingstone (courtesy of the Daily Mail, UK)

Zambia’s tourism minister made a bungee jump from the Victoria Falls to reassure visitors after a rope snapped sending a woman plunging into the Zambezi River.

Given Lubinda took the brave step on Monday after shocking footage was shown around the world of 22-year-old Australian Erin Langworthy’s botched jump.

The backpacker miraculously survived despite being plunged head first into the rapids when the bungee cord snapped as she leaped from the 111 meter high bridge over the falls on New Year’s Eve.

Chilling footage of her fall was posted on Youtube and became an online sensation, sparking a string of headlines around the world about the incident.

Following the near-tragedy Mr Lubinda said he remained convinced the accident was a one-off and the attraction was safe.

And the New Zimbabwe website today reported how he declared the Victoria Falls bungee a ‘viable operation’ after making a leap of faith himself from the world famous bridge.

Given Lubinda didn't hesitate to jump (photo Reuters)

Speaking after completing the jump, the politician added: ‘I will be engaging the operator on how we can make this exciting tourism event become totally incident-free.’

Mr Lubinda’s display of confidence in the jump came as its operator confirmed Ms Langworthy’s snapped rope had been sent to South Africa to be tested by experts.

Mike Davies, boss of  Shearwater which reportedly organised her jump, said the incident was a ‘one off’ and added that a full investigation had been launched.

He told New Zimbabwe: ‘There have been over 150,000 people jumping over the last 17 years without incident. So we are confident in it.’

He said a team of experts had been brought in to look at improving safety on the attraction, and added: ‘We have replaced all the equipment, all the ropes and the elastics in the meantime.’

Ms Langworthy escaped with just cuts, bruises and a broken collarbone after surviving the dramatic fall.



  1. Ha! Nicely played.

  2. Victoria Falls bungee is now open after independent inspectors gave a green light

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