Posted by: wildsidezambia | December 21, 2011


Livingstone and Victoria Falls have landed a giant coup with the winning of the joint bid to host the United Nations World Tourism Organisation at the end of 2013.

Up to 3000 delegates are expected to attend the 5-7 day conference, the largest ever to be held here.The total bed nights for the UNWTO conference is expected to be as many as 8000.

Talks with the government are in full swing with regards to funding for a proposed new conference venue to be built. “The new government, elected earlier this year, is as committed to tourism in the area as the previous one”, says Kingsley Lilamono, Chairman of the Livingstone Tourism Association.

In the meantime plans to ‘beautify’ Livingstone are already underway. Existing water points that had fallen into disrepair along the main road are being redone and new trees are being planted. Owners of businesses and houses along the main street are being encouraged to spruce up their buildings and gardens. Roads are being resurfaced.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase Livingstone and the rich Zambian culture”, says Kingsley. “Many events around the conference will be staged for the delegates, big tourism players from around the world”.

Kingsley Lilamono, Chairman of the Livingstone Tourism Association

Meanwhile the LTA website,, has been redesigned and a new logo is also in the offing.

Other events planned are the bi-annual regatta in October 2012, which is becoming more and more popular. The Zambezi Festival is also planned for the end of next year.



  1. Great news ….congratulations

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