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Zambian Christmas recipes

If you can lay your hands on it, why not swop the roast turkey for a roast saddle of wildebeest this Christmas? Here is a recipe that we enjoyed last Christmas at Kayube Estate:


Saddle on the left, the gammon on the right (photo: Trish Gordon James)

Marinate the saddle in good red wine for about three days. Add some stock, an onion and about five crushed  juniper berries and a bay leaf. Heat it all together and let it cool before you put the meat in.

Take the meat out of the marinate and dry with kitchen towel.

Make a mixture of coarse salt, rosemary, mixed herbs, tumeric, cloves and a pinch of cinnamon. Put both sides of the thickly sliced bacon into the mixture and cover the meat with the bacon, securing it with toothpicks.

Place the roast into the oven on a rack with water in the bottum of the baking tray. The bacon fat together with the herbs will drop into the tray during the roasting and will make a wonderful base for the gravy.

Use the drippings in the tray and add some of that bacon around the saddle. Put it through the foodprocessor. Add wine to taste and lots of cream.

Ideally enjoyed on the banks of the Zambezi in the company of good friends and family! (photo Ada Davis)

Here is a suggestion for a traditional Zambian veggie dish to accompany it:

Chibwabwa (pumpkin leaves) with pounded groundnuts (Ifisashi) – by Judith Chongo

First you have to put the water to boil, add some salt and little cooking oil to the water. When the water boils , add the chopped vegetables to boil as you cut the tomatoes and onions. Turn the vegetables after 10 minutes of boiling and add tomatoes, onions and groundnuts. Let it boil for 15minutes for the groundnuts to be cooked.  After approx. 15 minutes you can turn the vegetables and cook for 5 minutes.  Serve with Nshima (traditional pound maize, similar to South African mieliepap).

For more info on self catering options at the Kayube River Estate click on Kayube River House or Mama Out of Africa



  1. Can highly recommend the ‘roast’! It probably even tasted better because of the idealic setting over looking the Zambezi River. A wonderful place to visit.

  2. A beautiful and specially cooked Christmas dinner like this with the river so close by … It seems like a dream… !

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