Posted by: wildsidezambia | July 22, 2011

Confusing messages regarding yellow fever jabs

Seriously confusing messages are being sent out regarding the new requirement of the South African Health authorities that anyone coming into South Africa from Zambia has to have had a yellow fever jab. This is despite the fact that the World Health Organisation says that there is no yellow fever in Zambia. This was published on today’s Travel Update (22 July 2011):

“The Department of Health’s (DoH) has stated that its proposed policy requiring travellers to and from Zambia to get vaccinated against yellow fever has not yet been enacted and therefore the current policy remains unaltered.

“The department is still looking at reviewing the policy,” says Dr Frew Benson, DoH Cluster Manager of Communicable Diseases.

As this is not yet policy, the port health authorities will not be requesting proof of vaccination, says the South African Society of Travel Medicine (SASTM)”.

Yellow fever: yes or no?

We will keep you updated on this medical to-ing and fro-ing which is not doing Zambian tourism any good.


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