Posted by: wildsidezambia | June 30, 2011

Walking with cheetahs

Although still in its infancy, Mukuni Big 5 run a cheetah breeding programme near Livingstone. Some of the seven young cheetah’s are in the forefront of a pioneering educational program with trips planned to schools in and around Livingstone. Most Zambian children have never seen a cheetah in the wild. Cheetah are highly endangered and close to extinction in the wild. Mukuni Big 5 are hoping to obtain sponsors to assist with the cheetahs breeding and conservation program as it is a very expensive enterprise.

In the meantime visitors to the Mukuni Big 5 breeding centre are able to experience the sheer delight of walking with some of these sleek animals. Seeing them close up and hearing their loud purrs when they are content is amazing. The three hand reared cats love being taken on walks and you have to do a double take several times when you realise that the animal at the end of the leash you are holding is not the family dog! They also love their handlers and if you are lucky they take a shine to you too. You may even get a sloppy kiss if you are lucky!

Walking with cheetahs, a truly special experience


The cheetah breeding programme, the first of its kind in Zambia, is very close to the heart of Mukuni Big 5’s General Manager, Mike Welch. The older cheetahs – not used to human’s, are being kept in a seperate holding area and it is hoped that the first cubs born in capitivity in Zambia will be welcomed within the year at Mukuni.

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  1. Back in April we walked with Lions and then went in for a cuddle with the cheetahs – it was a truly amazing experience and worth every penny. It was a wonderful experience and would recommend it to anyone who loves big cats!!
    Thank you Makuni Big 5

  2. Cheetah’s, aren’t they the most beautiful animals ever …?!
    I am not so sure about the kiss though…

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