Posted by: wildsidezambia | June 12, 2011

Livingstone’s Traffic Stopping Event

Livingstonians are quite used to elephants stopping the traffic. But on Friday June 10th the traffic on the busy four lane Mosi O’ Tunya road came to a total halt for a different reason.

Amid much pomp and ceremony, dignatories, music, dancing, speeches, howling fire engines, tv crews and a growing crowd of curious  onlookers, the Secretary of the President for the Southern Province Gladys Christopher officially opened Livingstone’s first … robots.

“Our congested streets and the need for traffic calming are a sign of progress and development in Livingstone”, she said. The new traffic lights now proudly grace the corner of the Mosi O’ Tunya and Kazangula Roads.

As with all world changing events, the official opening of the robots had the social networks abuzz. “Only in Africa”, wrote Yvonne on Facebook. “Never a dull moment in Livingstone”, said Monica. “Wow, you actually witnessed this. What a story to tell your kids!!, said Tara in reponse to someone who had actually been there. “TV crew, Newspapers, even drama & dancing….you got give it to these guys!!”, wrote Kalpana.

It was felt that the Hilary Clinton’s official visit to Zambia at that time may have kept the President himself away from this auspicious event.

Livingstonians used to say that the closest robots were 450km away. Now they can boast that Livingstone is a ‘one robot town’…



  1. Livingstone already has a traffic problem and the Livingstone-Falls road is not wide enough to handle the kind of traffic that would result from this development.iii The socio-economic impact also has to be considered. Clement LCC mentioned that the traffic increase was going to be serious. Now that the bridge has been re-opened to trucks Livingstone was already trying to cope with a huge traffic problem.

  2. A green light for economic growth !

  3. One of the best articles ever posted !!!

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