Posted by: wildsidezambia | March 8, 2011

Walking with Lions

One of the most unforgettable things you can do in Livingstone is taking a stroll with lions.

You will no doubt be shocked, as we were, to learn that there has been a decline of up to 90% in the population of African lions in the last 30 years.

Lion Encounter is an active conservation programme run in Zimbabwe and Zambia by passionate people aiming to reintroduce the Panthera Leo in areas that have lost their populations.

Three of Lion Encounters lions with Athena squeezed in the middle. She started out as the 'ugly duckling' but has since grown into a splendid lioness and has recently given birth to cubs of her own in the wild.

During the first stage young cubs are taken out into the bush to build confidence in their natural habitat. Here they practice their stalking and hunting practices. During this stage guides and handlers act as the dominant ‘members’ of the pride, up to the point where it is still safe for humans to walk with them. They are in no way tamed or domesticated, but prepared for their own independent life in the bush.

The lion walks help to finance the reintroduction programmes through the various stages which take years of careful monitoring before they are finally released into the wild. 

Click here to see the first photos of Athena’s cubs. To book a Lion Encounter walk email



  1. Soo cute the lion cubs. Great that Athena has two of them. Are they twins or does that notion not exist for the animal world?

  2. I love the sound of this walking with the lions. I’m planning on going on an African safari next year so Zambia is now right at the top of my list of possible destinations, Thanks!

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