Posted by: wildsidezambia | March 2, 2011

Zambezi rises

This seasons’ rafting ends today, even on the Zambian side where we always snatch a few extra weeks. Canoeing and raft floats however still take place on the Zambian part of the river.

The Zambezi River is one of the great rivers of Africa and the largest in Southern Africa. Its source is in Zambia but the river gathers momentum in the swampy wetlands in Angola in southwestern Africa and flows 2,736 kilometers (1,700 miles) across the continent to the Indian Ocean.

Following  heavy December downpours in upstream Angola rising waters gradually make their way down, traversing six countries. The Zambezi is considered to be flooding when the water level breaks through the 6-metre mark,  usually reaching its peak around March or April. Flooding of the mighty Zambezi can cause havoc along its banks and in the lower lying countries such as Namibia and Mozambique, which have experienced devastating floods in the past.

One of Tongabezi's waterside chalets under water in 2009 (photos Munene Kermer)

Local Livingstone lodges that have accommodation close to the river, such as Tongabezi, Waterberry and  Natural Mystic, will be emptying out the riverside chalets as we speak. Islands of Siankaba has already closed and the swimming pool at Kubu, Zambezi and David Livingstone Safari Lodges are expected to flood soon as well. The River Club’s lower chalets however are built on stilts and remain just above the rising waters.

Waterberry - with the Zambezi a bit too close for comfort...

The level of the Zambezi is rising rapidly. We will keep you posted!


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