Posted by: wildsidezambia | February 8, 2011

Rafting season longer in Zambia

Recent reports state that the rafting season at Victoria Falls is closing. However, on the Zambian side there are still a few more weeks to go.

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and Livingstone Zambia, share the same river and gorge, but the access points are different. As the water in the river rises we start the rafting further down the gorge. When the river is low we start at rapid 1 and as the river goes up, we go on to rapid no 7. At the moment we start our rafting at rapid 14.

Got the guts? No excuses then, at least another two weeks to go!

Zambia is just lucky that some of our access points are also further down the gorge, which makes our rafting season about a month or so longer than the Zimbabwean side of the river. Tony King of Safari par Excellence in Livingstone predicts that on the Zambian Side we will still be able to raft for another 2 weeks. We will also start our season that much sooner. 

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