Posted by: wildsidezambia | January 28, 2011

Wild Side staff member drops 111m!

Judith Chongo, Karien’s assistant at Wild Side Tour’s Livingstone office, literally took the plunge  when she did her first bungee swing with the Vic Falls Bridge Company yesterday!

Judith waits nervously to get hooked up...

“The most breathtaking moment I have never experienced started out as a nightmare and thought it was a death sentence when I stepped right in the air and saw myself going 111m down the river!”, she said. ” It’s not easy but later you realise how courageous you can be. And it feels fantastic!”

Done it!!! Here she is, swinging above the swirling waters of the Zambezi below the Falls!

All in a day’s work in Livingstone!

(see the video of Judith’s jump on the ‘I love Zambia’ site on Facebook.) Fabulous music!



  1. Courageous! And an experience you will never forget, so I understand..! But I am grateful that nobody has ever asked me seriously to do this thing… I wouldn’t survive..!!

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