Posted by: wildsidezambia | November 23, 2010

Victoria Falls Zambia: The Liwiindi Festival

Around the beginning of the rainy season each Chief in the Livingstone area hosts a Liwiindi Festival as part of keeping the Toka Leya and Tonga traditions alive. 

This festival is a time to celebrate the previous harvest and to hope for a good harvest this season. Also, it’s a time for the people to unite with one another and to reunite with their Ancestors. Members of the royal family sing, dance, and spit Chibuku (traditional Beer) on the many burial grounds of their Kingdom.To spit Chibuku is similar to leaving flowers on the grave site of a loved one.

A cheerful Chief Mukuni has just received his blessings
photo Karien Kermer

The festival also exposes the younger generations and other cultures to the dances, songs, and customs that are observed during Liwiindi.

One of these ancient burial grounds is under a huge Fig Tree on Kayube farm on the Zambezi, where Karien and Peter live.


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