Posted by: wildsidezambia | October 18, 2010

Chief Mukuni – chief champion of tourism in Livingstone


Foremost among the prominent role players in Livingstone is Chief Munokalya Mupotola IV Siloka III Mukuni, the 19th Chief of the Leya.

The Chief is a great champion of tourism in Livingstone and is the first to take up the cause with the Zambian government. He has experienced the area’s attractions first hand, even bungee jumping in the mid nineties and rafting the wild waters of the gorges below. He also set up Mukuni Big 5 which specializes in lion walks, elephant rides, cheetah and caracal encounters.

Chief Mukuni was instrumental in ensuring the beautifully situated Sun Hotels were established in Livingstone. He is still an active a member of the Sun Hotel board and regularly travels overseas to promote tourism in Livingstone.

Chief Mukuni, the 19th Chief of the Leya, actively promotes tourism in Livingstone, allowing visitors to enjoy the traditional and colourful festivals of his people.

The chief is married to Queen Mukalya Mukuni, who is very involved in woman’s causes in Livingstone. 

Chef Mukuni presides over three major age old cultural ceremonies every year: the Bene Mukuni in the month of August, which relives the trek of his tribe from the Congo area to Victoria Falls in the 17th century; the Basilombelombe Festival in December (Ceremony of the Spray of the Victoria Falls or the rain making ceremony); and the Chandaule ceremony in July when the people thank the gods for the rain.

Chief Mukuni’s vision is to be the icon of Royal Establishments in addressing the cultural, social and economic development of its people. “The aim of the Nsyungu Branch of the Bene Mukuni Royal Rainbow Dynasty is to continuously push boundaries of excellence by building on our rich cultural heritage,” says Chief Mukuni. “We want to build our future without neglecting the past.”



  1. Remarkably well written writing!

    Hello Your Majesty!
    My name is Maya and I had the honor of meeting you last year when you visited Los Angeles. I was 12 years old and we met at the Holocaust Museum. We took a photo together which I have safely in a place of honor back home in my bedroom. You told me then that if I ever made it to Zambia, I should let you know. I am currently in Botswana and plan to visit Zambia (Victoria Falls) in a few days. I sing with the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus and we just finished a 19-day tour through South Africa. Now my mother and I are visiting other parts of Africa.
    It would be a true honor to see you again but of course I understand that you must be busy. If you could manage to fit me in to your busy schedule, you would make my entire trip to Africa truly unforgettable.
    My best regards,
    Maya Elisa Barajas Tavera
    (we are currently staying at the Chobe Marina Lodge)

    • Hello Maya,
      We have just spoken to the Queen to relay your message and she was very pleased to hear from you.
      I have passed on your contact details and I trust she will be in touch with you very soon
      Kind regards from Livingstone
      Wild Side Tours

  3. Hello Chief
    Hope you are well.I was planning on going to Scotland for the 200 th
    Celebration of Dr.Livingstone’s birth. My dear sister Judy died so I had to cancel my trip. I would love to come to Zambia this year so hopefully we can visit.GOD Bless you and your people!
    David W. Lingstone JESUFilm Project
    ps tell Pastor Hendreckson Hello

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