Posted by: wildsidezambia | October 14, 2010

Swimming on the edge of Victoria Falls

One of the most exciting things you could ever do is swimming right on the edge of the Victoria Falls on the Zambian side, off Livingstone Island. You can only do this when the water is low (between early September and mid January) as you would never live to tell the tale if the water is high!

You can dine out on this for years to come!

Experienced guides accompany you from Livingstone Island where you swim around to the natural rock pool, clamber over some rocks and then … take the plunge into a maelstroom of swirling water within a metres of the actual lip of the Falls! Once you’ve got that far the adrenaline is racing and you have no choice but to jump – only to resurface with the widest grin anyone will ever have seen on your face! You’ve actually done it! You’re swimming within centimeters of the edge of the world!!! (That’s what it feels like anyway!).

If you’re lucky the guide will let you lie on your tummy and peep over the edge of the Falls. Not many people have seen a world famous waterfall from that angle! And the best thing? You don’t have to be a teenage daredevil to do it! As long as you can swim and have got a bit of a adventurous streak in you, you can be any age!



  1. Taken a very quick look and the site is really nice. Good photos and easy to read copy. Congrats and good luck to Karien and Judith.
    Best wishes,
    Tom Purcell, Hout Bay

  2. Excellent Lindy. I am sure a lot of people will be interested. Where do I book my flight!
    Doug Jardine

  3. Looks really very good, well done.
    Livingstones Adventures

  4. Your blog site is excellent, very professional. Brava.
    Cape Town

  5. Thanks for the post Lindy, I read this last week, and as I was travelling in Zambia I made sure I visited Livingstone Island and experienced the “devils pool” – it was AWESOME. I only wish I could have sat there all day with a cold MOSI beer as well and enjoyed the view!

  6. Lindy. As usual your work is professional. Site is easy to navigate and contains loads of info. Having actually been on location data is current – easy to follow with plenty of activities for all the family. The day rafting trip is a must. Best of luck in the future.
    Rob Paterson

  7. Swimming on the edge of the Victoria Falls is a beautiful experience and it is something you will never forget! The Falls have made a great impression on us and so has the hospitality of the Zambian People and making a trip in a canoe on the Zambezi River with hippo’s in the vicinity!
    It is like nothing you will ever experience and we can recommend a holiday in Zambia for people seeking adventure, because there is much more to do and see!
    Thank you for keeping us posted of new developments in Livingstone! Ann van der Kraan

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